Billings Landscaping Services


Billings Landscaping specialized in landscaping design and installation.  We are experts at landscape renovation, plants, trees, sprinklers, sod, terracing, rock walls, flagstone stairs, stone patios, pergolas, lawn maintenance, drainage, and more.

What sets us apart is our skills at landscape architecture and the fact that we do things right!  When you cut corners in landscaping, problems can get big fast.  We strive to create low maintenance and beauty that lasts. This often means a battle for the first few years, but with proper care your landscape will grow in beauty and become easier to maintain with time. We design with the end result in mind so that your landscape grows in value and beauty. Proper landscape practices will protect and grow your investment when properly applied! Call us if you want it done right!

Here are a few things we do that others might not:

      • When we prep to plant a bed, we dig down at the edges and shape or mound the dirt. This technique keeps the rock or mulch inside the bed and off the walkways. It also gives a nicer profile to the beds themselves by providing some contour to help accentuate the plants and create a nice layering effect. In addition, it keeps the bedding material thick up to the edges to help prevent weeds.
      • We only use high quality landscaping materials that are proven to last and look great!
      • When we set edging, we use beautiful and natural looking curves. It is a signature of our designs! You’d be amazed at how a small adjustment to the curve can drastically change the look of the landscape. To get it right requires and artistic eye!
      • We always consider drainage around the home.
      • We have a intimate knowledge of the plants that grow in Billings Montana. We use our knowledge of horticulture to provide balanced designs that mature into greater beauty with time.
      • We use woven 30 year landscaping fabric to control the size of scrubs and perennials. Knowing how big a plant will get is very important. Fabric and landscaping rock will both inhibit the growth of plants. Most of the time, we design for plants to reach full size and maturity, and so we cut the fabric large enough and pull the rock back to all the plants the freedom to grow uninhibited.
      • We provide the right amount a water to meet the needs of the plants. Different plants have different watering needs. You’d be amazed at how many landscaping companies provide emitters with the same flow rates to all the plants. If you want you plants to thrive, they need the correct amount of water.
      • We place plants in the proper exposure. Different plants require different amounts of sunlight. Some plants and trees don’t handle wind exposure. Some plants burn easily in the sun. Other plants become leggy and spinally in shady areas of the yard. Choosing a designer that knows the needs of the plants can make all the difference!
      • We have some proven techniques to accelerate the growth and maturity of your landscape. Most landscapes really pop with size and beauty in their 5th year, but in many cases, we can make it happen in two or three years.
      • We help you keep your landscape beautiful by offering support services such as weed control and lawn maintenance.
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