Billings Landscaping Services


Billings Landscaping, LLC offers some exciting careers for people here in Billings Montana! Whether you already live here or are willing to relocate, we have work opportunities and tools you need to succeed. 

Have you considered a career in Landscaping?

Landscaping is a thriving seasonal business in Billings Montana. Billings Landscaping receives a steady flow of phone calls from customers who need landscaping services.

We are seeking to employ competent and motivated individuals who take pride in their work. At Billings Landscaping, our #1 priority is our customers. We serve the community and do awesome stuff to help beautify and improve the land. We strive to provide a fun work environment and culture. We get paid to play in the dirt like pros! 

Job Descriptions

Project Manager

Project managers are leaders that are individually responsible for the project at hand. They manage the work load and provide experience to make sure the job gets done quickly and methodically. Project Managers get involved in all activities of a project from start to finish. Project managers assist the foreman (crew leader) and crew in order to keep jobs on schedule. PM’s oversee construction, provide assistance, make sure equipment is safe and put away properly. PM’s oversee equipment maintenance, keep records, and make sure rentals are returned on time. Project managers oversee all aspects of project productivity. This means making sure that material such as sod, mulch, gravel, flagstone, pavers, block, and stone are delivered to the site when they are needed and that the proper equipment is on site and ready.

Project Estimator and Designer

This individual will have a unique set of skills with experience at designing and estimating construction projects. Must have prior experience as an estimator and references. A qualified individual will have experience working with building plans. They will be tasked with visiting customers, measuring job sites, creating site plans, flying drones for aerial photos (optional), sketching designs, and learning to use design software.

Landscape Foreman

Foreman are trained at each phase of work and should be able to adequately complete projects themselves. They are the work horses and understand the importance of leading by example. Foreman are team leaders. They work directly with the crew day in and day out to keep them on time and productive. Landscape foreman know the work and have the communication skills to train and lead. A foreman has the support of the project manager to help them complete a project that meets or exceeds our quality standards.

Landscape Horticulturist, Plant Expert, and Plant Designer

Landscape Horticulturists have an educational tract in horticulture. Their primary job is know plants and how to plant them. They are responsible for plant design, planting, topsoil preparation, fabric, drip irrigation, trees, staking, and other aspects of landscaping that affect the plants! Plant Experts are tasked to know the trade names for the plants and trees; their ideal exposures, their sizes and growth rates, and much more. They work with owners and nurseries to order and deliver plant materials to the site. Planting experts are responsible for the area around any plant, tree, or shrub. This includes plant layout and installation; proper watering; proper exposure; and good design.

Landscape Laborer

Landscape laborers assist installers and foreman in getting the grunt work done. Laborers continuously rake, shovel, and pack dirt; move boulders, block, and pavers; remove old landscape materials, load dump trailers, shovel gravel, and more. To learn more about the skills your will learn, check out our Employment Page. When a laborer is able to perform all of these tasks on his or her own, they are promoted to Landscape Installer.

Irrigation Technician

Irrigation technicians are experts with underground sprinkler systems. They trouble shoot and repair existing irrigation systems as well as install new sprinkler systems. This is a fun, highly skilled career with excellent pay.

Maintenance Technician

Maintenance technicians specialize in maintaining and making progressive improvements to landscapes and lawns. Lawn care technicians mow, trim, and maintain lawns. They also prune trees, perform Spring and Fall cleanups, dethatch and aerate, and more.

Landscape Installer

Landscape installers are the core power of Billings Landscaping. If you like to work hard outside and enjoy learning the specifics required to become a master landscaper, then this is the career path for you. Landscape installers often become Foreman. Landscape installers will be tasked with setting edging, laying out sprinklers, building retaining walls, laying landscape fabric, laying sod, spreading materials, building patios and much more.