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Landscape Fabric

What is landscape fabric? Landscape fabric is a woven or spun textile that serves as a weed barrier.

Spun versus Woven?
There are many positive uses for both spun and woven fabrics. But in Montana where we have super weeds, wind exposure, and high altitude sun there is one clear winner for landscaping. Woven fabrics win. Woven landscape fabric both outlasts and outperforms all spun fabrics.

Spun fabrics do not handle UV and they have low punchure strength. The fibers tend to fuzz and break down over time and agressive roots will find a way through. However they do work well for behind retaining walls to protect drainage gravel from silts They can be used in french drains and can be adequate in gardens.

Woven landscape fabric is usually black and comes in different weights from a 15 year landscape product to heavy comercial applications, slope stability systems, and more.

In Montana regions, woven fabric is a clear winner. We have tried the heavy mil spun fabrics for landscape beds. It works but is not ideal. Woven is the way to go!

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