Sprinkler Systems

Probably the biggest “no brainer” in landscape renovation is to add a sprinkler system. Nobody want to drag around a hose in order to water their lawn. Installing a new sprinkler system or replacing your old sprinklers is a wonderful way to improve your life and increase the value of your property. Here is an article that identifies some important things to consider regarding Sprinkler system installation for existing landscapes.

Lawn Restoration

Lawn restoration can be a necessary part of your landscape renovation. There are different ways to approach lawn restoration. You can have the old lawn removed, or you can have it restored. In some cases there are methods for scarifying the existing lawn and reseeding. Learn more in this article on Lawn Restoration Techniques.

Landscape material removal

A big part of renovating your old landscape involves removing the existing landscape including trees, plants, shrubs, bedding, fabric, edging, roots, boulders, and gravel. You can expect to pay per trip to the dump which consists of 2 hours time, a disposal fee at the dump, fuel, trailer, wear and tear on the vehicle. In some cases, a landscaper can re-use some of the plants they remove, however, they generally do not credit you because of the effort involved in re-potting, transporting, trimming and storing the plants. The exception is if you have some nice trees, but typically you will want to find someone who specializes in transplanting trees in order to take advantage of the value in your trees. Generally speaking, a nice tree should be left alone because they almost always add value to your landscape and a good designer can work with what you have.