Billings Landscaping Services


Landscaping Services

We provide a full range of landscaping services from design to turn key installation of all systems. We will even address challenges that involve steep slopes and challenging terrain. We provide landscaping services for Billings MT and surrounding areas. Estimates and general advice are free, but we charge for additional site visits, design advice, and complicated or highly detailed cost estimates.

Landscaping Design

We have an intimate knowledge of plants and landscaping materials for the Billings area. We can utilize Photoshop to give you a clear picture of what the design involves. This process usually results in a better design. We can create a design and place it into AutoCAD, do a materials takeoff, design the sprinkler system, and provide you with an estimate. Our design fees are consistently less than is charged by Nurseries and we provide an expert service. Our designers have intimate knowledge of plants, shrubs, perennials, trees, and landscape materials for our local market and climate zone. Learn more about our professional landscape design services here!

Landscape Installation

We install landscapes, sprinklers, lawns, retaining wall, patios, pergolas, boulders, plants, shrubs, perennials, trees, water features, walkways, fire pits, planters, gardens, terraces, porches, approaches, and more. Our labor fees are consistently less than Nurseries and we provide a much better expert service, faster installation, higher quality, and more personal service. Learn more about our professional landscape installation service here!

Landscape Renovation

Not too many companies specialize in landscape renovation, but we do. The exciting thing about renovation work is that you get to work with onsite materials and transform the site into something beautiful. Since we specialize in design, we don’t shy away from renovation work. Instead we employ design and installation techniques to work with onsite materials. We find that bad landscaping practices result in a real need for our services. Quality is important and always worth the extra investment. We only use high quality landscape fabrics. We always properly prep and grade beds for easy upkeep to create low maintenance landscaping that will last. Learn more about our landscape renovation and restoration services here!

Sprinkler System Design and Installation

We design and install sprinkler systems that meet your specific needs. We locate boxes in intelligent locations, install backflow prevention devices, install sprinkler controllers, and tune all the heads to properly water your lawns, beds, gardens, and more. Learn more about our sprinkler installation services here!


Proper drainage is important to any landscape. We can help you solve your drainage problems. We do site grading; repair negative drainage; install french drains; properly take downspouts to ground; and install culverts for driveways, ditches, irrigation, and more. 

Water Features

We design and install artificial rivers, waterfalls, and drainage features. Coy ponds are also a specialty that we offer.

Lawn and Sprinkler

You have the option to install Sod or have your lawn Hydroseeded. We will design the best sprinkler system to meet you needs and help you program your system to properly water.


We specialize in aquascaping both freshwater aquariums, ponds, river features, and saltwater reef aquariums. 

Tree Trimming and Removal

Our expert tree service is available to any customer needing to manage, improve, or remove trees. Learn more about our tree service here!

Lawn Mowing, Lawn Care, and Maintenance

We provide expert lawn care services for residential and commercial properties. 

Snow Removal

We provide expert snow removal services for both residential and commercial properties.