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Sprinkler Systems

Not all sprinkler systems are simple. There is actually quite a bit to consider and good sprinkler system design can mean the difference between a hassle free, healthy lawn and an ugly, high maintenance lawn. There are many factors to consider, but for residential homes located in Billings Montana, we have basically three different scenarios and corresponding solutions.

The first scenario is the typical residential new construction. On these homes, we like to design using poly tubing and state of the art heads that have a low evaporation rate. Not only can we provide better watering using this technology, but we can also save you money on your water bill! Another very positive note is that the systems we use are quite compared to what a lot of other sprinkler contractors out there are providing. Quite is Nice! Nothing is worse then being awakened at 6 am by you sprinkler system. 

The second common scenario is a sprinkler system that uses either ditch water or a well. With these systems, it is good to choose the right equipment for the job. We use high quality sprinklers that don’t clog from sediment in the system.

The third scenario is large landscapes that require sprinkler heads that can throw water a long distance. These are less common, but we do have experience installing them.

In all three cases, we use the best materials and most intelligent design. We perform the necessary pressure calculations to properly design a stellar sprinkler system for you that will save you money and effort. We perform quality installations, making sure boxes are installed properly, and heads are properly secured so they don’t sink or move. We provide a design that adequately covers the lawn without over watering or adding more heads and zones than is necessary. And our sprinkler designs carefully consider the location of the valve box to prevent it from flooding, and we control the release of water pressure from the heads to make sure you don’t get soggy spots in your yard. In addition, we take the extra time to properly grade your yard so you don’t get swampy areas in the lawn that lead to dead spots and lawn diseases. 

Sprinkler Systems for existing landscapes

Installing a new sprinkler system in an existing landscape comes with its own set of challenges, however in the end the cost isn’t too much greater than it would be for a new landscape. If you are a middle income home owner who has an average place that needs a new sprinkler system then you can expect to spend between $4000-$9000 on sprinklers.

There are some things to consider when choosing a landscaper to install your sprinklers. One thing to consider is hiring someone who specializes in the type of system that you need.  If you have an existing landscape, it is more difficult to install a sprinkler system. This is a fact because existing landscapes have established trees, hardscapes (such as sidewalks), fences, and lawns. Tree roots may need to be cut or worked around; established lawns may need to be repaired; and water lines need to pass under sidewalks and fences. These things add to the cost and effort. In addition to these costs, the sprinkler designer needs to make sure you have adequate pressure at a hose bib location and design a system that works with that constraint. Often times, established homes have outdated plumbing and lower water pressure. At some locations, the pressure is too much. Either way, the pressure must be regulated in the sprinkler design and a back flow preventer must be installed in order to meet the city code in Billings Montana

Another thing to consider is the method being used to install the sprinkler system. Sprinkler line pullers are nice because they don’t tear up the sod so bad. Trenching works well if you are restoring the sod, but if your lawn is already nice then a trencher can be a less attractive solution and care must be taken to ensure trenches are properly compacted prior to seeding or laying sod. But the most important thing is to have a good sprinkler design. Sprinkler Design can be fairly easy to do, but it does take some experience and can be challenging when water pressure and volume are limited. More importantly, it takes some knowledge to know what kind of system works best. 

Why choose Billings Landscaping to design and install your sprinkler system?

Billings Landscaping personnel have learned hands from experienced installers in Billings Montana. We have the experience and education combined with the creativity and practical design skills needed to get the job done quickly and on budget. In addition, we know how to save you money on the cost of water and design a state of the art sprinkler system that will serve you well for many years to come! Call today for a cost free, no obligation estimate!