At Billings Landscaping we like to use the best equipment for the job to insure that you get top quality and top performance from your underground sprinkler system. We prefer to work smart.

One key to quality is good equipment.

One example is the Vermeer LM42 pipe puller and trencher. Our LM42 has a specially made, hardened steel, serrated cutting blade and cutting wheel for slicing through the ground, tree roots, buried debris, and/or existing sod. It gives us the ability to pull pipe through some of the toughest sub-terrain.

Efficient and precise pipe pulling results in better underground sprinkler systems and faster schedules.

The main benefits of pipe pulling are:
  1. Repeatable results.  Why important?  Quality imply’s that we can duplicate our results in a variety of different terrains.
  2. Schedule.  Pipe pulling is the fastest!
  3. Quality.  Minimal repairs to grounds both lawn and dirt.
  4. Predictability. Pulls at consistent, ideal depths.
  5. Resource Conservation. Requires less topsoil.
Benefits of the Vermeer LM42
  • It makes the job easier. A sprinkler installers job is difficult enough. When you simplify the hard stuff everything gets better!
  • It provides more consistent results. Having to fight a piece of equipment isn’t fun. This is especially rough in Billing Heights where the ground is cobble and around trees where roots flourish.
  • There is less down time. The LM42 is a bigger, more reliable machine with more power and better mobility.
  • It saves time which means higher quality. Now workers can pay more attention to perfecting the installation.